2014 Knoxville 24-Hour Film Festival Submission

This is the SofaCouch MovieFilms entry into the 2014 Knoxville 24-Hour Film Festival.

This year, they did things a little differently. Well, a LOT differently. In previous competitions, we were given some basic elements like a prop, a line of dialog, a location, etc. We had to use those elements in whatever way we wanted, but they had to be used in order to (hopefully) ensure all creative work was done in the 24 hour time period.

After some weirdness last year (nearly 30 films about a bounty hunter – and most of them confused “bounty hunter” with “hit man”), they decided to mix it up even more. They went with a log line. Basically, This character does this action involving this object. We chose “A narcoleptic construction worker goes on a buddy trip involving a toe with nail polish.”

Thanks to Carrie Thompson for once again directing with me. Also thanks to Randy Thompson for not only acting in the film, but being a great production manager. Remi Demeere took on duties as both boom operator and makeup artist. Laura Miller was our production assistant, going out of her way to get props all over town.

The rest of the cast included Jeff Delaney, Tiffany Tallent, and Crystal Brauener.

The film was written by Carrie Thompson, Andrew Tallent, and me. I was director of photography and editor.

We didn’t win any awards, but the audience response was fantastic, and we’ve gotten some nice comments since the screening.

So, here is “The Dozy Doozer”


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