About SofaCouch MovieFilms

SofaCouch MovieFilms is a group of folks from Knoxville, Tennessee, who enjoy the hell out of filmmaking. It’s earliest beginnings were as MKUltra Films, consisting of Sam Comer, Alex Lavidge, and Kevin Antoine, when we competed in the 2010 KNoxville Films 24-Hour Film Festival.

Our 24HFF entry, “Weight of the Words,” starring Alex Lavidge, Amy Hubbard, and Jay Strozier, was very well received at the screening. Since then we have competed in each subsequent 24-Hour Film Festival, the Downtown Film Festival in Maryville, Tennessee, the Secret City Film Festival, and various others.

2013 has been a particularly busy year. By the end of the year, SCMF has produced 10 short films and a music video including September’s Knoxville Film Festival (nee The Secret City Film Festival), and the Knoxville Horror Festival. We finished the year with “Dark Corners,” an entry into the Bloody Cuts “Who’s There” Horror Film Challenge.

For a complete filmography, check out the IMDb page for producer and director Sam Comer.


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