FESTIVAL: 2015 Knoxville Horror Film Festival Grindhouse Grindout

FILM: “Tales of Gluttonous Revenge”


Audience Favorite

Best Title

Most Likely to Inspire Protests

Film We’d Most Like to See



FESTIVAL: 2016 54 Film Fest

FILM: “All or Nothing”


Best Actress – Carolyn Corley

Runner-Up Best Visual Effects

Runner-Up Best Film

FESTIVAL: 2015 East Tennessee Film Gala   FILM: “Latent Image”


Originality –  Sam Comer and Carrie Booher Thompson

Finalist for Best Director – Carrie Booher Thompson

Finalist – Best Music/Sound – Sam Comer

Finalist – Best Editing – Sam Comer

Finalist – Best Cinematographer – Sam Comer


FESTIVAL: 2014 54 Film Fest

FILM: “The Right Girl”

Best Director – Sam Comer

Runner Up, Best Film

Runner Up, Critics’ Choice


FESTIVAL: 2013 Knoxville Horror Film Festival

FILM: “Against the Grain”

Best Regional Film

Audience Favorite


Best Comedy – “Higher Caliber, Higher Mindedness: The Story of YoGun” – 2013 24-Hour Film Festival
Nomination for Emerging Filmmaker


Best Supporting Actor (Jeff Delaney) – “Lights Out” – Short10Cinema 100-Hour Film Competition
Best Supporting Actress (Crystal Brauener) – “Lights Out” – Short10Cinema 100-Hour Film Competition

Best Supporting Actress (Carrie Booher Thompson) – “Cheating Time” – 54-Hour Film Festival

Most Likely To Incite Protests – “Black Füror” – Knoxville Horror Film Festival’s Grindhouse Grind Out fake trailer competition.

Best Actress (Crystal Brauener) – “Why So Serial?” – Knoxville Horror Film Festival

Best Use of Elements – “Why So Serial” – Secret City Film Festival

Best Production Design – “Places, Everyone”


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