Knoxville Film Festival 7-Day Shootout

Well, the film we made for the Knoxville Film Festival 7-Day Shootout is in the bag and officially submitted. 

“The Harbinger” is a bit of a fantasy/horror/thriller (We were provided “horror/thriller” as the genre element), and is definitely one of our more ambitious endeavors – in story, in location, in editing, in sound, and, in particular, visual effects. I am certainly no expert in After Effects (novice at best) but I take directions from tutorials well. They’re not over the top spectacular, but for the amount of time I was able to spend on it, I’m very please with how it turned out. 

Many thanks definitely go out to the cast and crew – Randy ThompsonRyan WallerTiffany TallentCrystal Humphrey BraeunerScott ArnoldCheri ComptonAsh MacJulianna SandersonLaura Miller, for their talent and efforts – and in particular, Carrie Booher Thompson for doing a wonderful job in taking over directing duties so I could focus on making pretty pictures.

And I really got some pretty pictures. Shooting at Ijams Nature Center in the Ross Marble Quarry ad at Mead’s Quarry was amazing. (The other element we had to include was an East Tennessee Landmark. This location pops up on many lists). The lighting was beautiful (even at midday at Ross Quarry – lots of dark, mossy rock walls in the background with brilliant shafts of light hitting the actors just so). Of course, Mead’s Quarry at 7:30 AM is jus gorgeous. Speaking of which, special thanks to newcomer to SCMF Julianna Sanderson for coming in at the very last minute at 7:30 AM, on very short notice, to get chased and roughed up. She nailed it completely with little preparation. Hoping she will be a regular asset  for future projects. 

There will be no online screening of the film until after the official screening at the film festival in September. This film, along with the regular submission “Nuts ‘n’ Bolts,” will make it a fun evening for SofaCouch! 




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