R.I.P Egon, et al

R.I.P Egon, et al

Wow. Looking back, you might say Harold Ramis was a huge part of my formative years.

One of the first movies I ever saw as a child was “Animal House.” (Yes, at the tender age of 7, my parents took me and my siblings to see an R-rated film full of naked boobies and the F-word).

When I was a teenager, “Ghostbusters” was the first film I recall watching in the theater twice. Saw it a second time the day after the first. And like many of my generation, I can (and often do) quote “Caddyshack,” Stripes,” “Meatballs,” and “Vacation” with reckless abandon.

What his later works like “Groundhog Day” and “Analyze This” lacked in the zaniness of prior works, they definitely made up for it in their more “adult” wit and intelligence.

It’s sad that he is gone, but he left a wonderful legacy in the world of comedy.

So long. I suppose it’s OK to cross the streams, now. (The moose out front shoulda told ya).


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