More Exposure for “YoGun”

Our 2013 Knoxville 24-Hour Film Festival entry Higher Calibre, Higher Mindedness: The Story of YoGun recently has popped up in the Internets again, but without the vitriol from the last time, in the blog “Paperback Yoga.”

“Gun aficionados from Rush Limbaugh to Arnold Schwarzenegger applauded. “I have a love interest in every one of my films – a gun,” said the Terminator.

Guns can be testy lovers, however. “The recoil from a .357 Magnum can really do a number on your chakras,” said one of the shooting yogis in “Higher Caliber, Higher Mindedness: The Story of YoGun”, an award-winning short film from SofaCouch MovieFilms.”

Just a mention and a quote from the film, but it’s always fun when your work is seen and appreciated outside your own little circle.






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