Knoxville Film Festival in September

Sofacouch Moviefilms is proud to announce that our film “Nuts n Bolts” – an adult comedy we did for the SHort10 Cinema Comedy Competition is an official selection into the Knoxville Film Festival. It will be screened at the Regal Cinemas Downtown West Theater. 

Thanks to a great cast and the whole creative team for coming up with a really funny (and sometimes raunchy) short film! Image


Short Film – “Why So Serial”

This was an entry into the 2012 Secret City Film Festival’s 7-Day Shootout. Elements required for the competition were:

Line of dialog: “It was magnificent”
Prop: A flame
Film Element: Rack focus

The film won the award for “Best Use of Elements” at the festival.

Despite the fact that it’s not truly a horror film, due to the subject matter of a serial killer it was accepted into the Knoxville Horror Film Festival. It helped to kick off the event as one of the four shorts to precede the opening-night feature. By the end of the festival, one of its stars, Crystal Braeuner, had won Best Actress for the whole festival. So congrats to her!