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2016 54 Hour Film Festival Entry

This one took home a few awards:

Runner-Up Best Visual Effects, Best Actress for Carolyn Corley,  and Runner-Up for Best Film


We had a nice mix of old and new faces in this year’s 54 Hour Film Fest entry. Steve Trigg, Carolyn Corley, Asya Angelique Mounger, Tyler Gregory, and Jeff Snell (of “Dick Chicken” fame from last year’s 7-Day Shootout) joined the SofaCouch team for the first time and they all knocked it out of the park (see above re: Carolyn winning the Best Actress Award, which was actually presented as “Best Female Actress” – an appropriate name for someone associated with SofaCouch MovieFilms). And SofaCouch “regular” Tiffany Tallent brought it, as always.

As usual, our crew was small, but efficient. Carrie Thompson did a wonderful job directing. Randy Thompson kept things running smoothly. Laura Miller held the boom like a champ, and Jeff Snell pulled double duty running the slate. Sam Comer (me) did camera, lighting, and editing.

The elements for the 54 hour were:

Prop: A map

Line of Dialog: “I knew I’d see you again, I just didn’t know when.”

Action: A spin

We drew “Sci Fi” as our genre and went with something along the lines of a PG-rated Black Mirror episode. The story was written by Randy, Carrie, Tyler, and me in the first three or four hours after drawing the elements at the kickoff. We shot from early afternoon into the wee hours of the following morning at the lovely home of Greg and Kenlyn Stewart (you may recognize it from previous other SCMF shoots. They’ve always been extremely generous in offering their time and space for our projects).

All the effort was definitely worth it for a fine little film, and we’re always pleased to get some recognition from the judges.

Entry to the 2015 Knoxville 54 Hour Film Fest

“Latent Image”

Based on true events, “Latent Image” is about a relic of the Cold War getting into the wrong hands, and old-school agents of espionage doing everything they can to keep it from one another. 

We had 54 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film of up to seven minutes in length in a selected genre with these required elements:

Selected genre: “Action/Spy”

Prop: A compass

Line of dialog: “This isn’t my first time”

Action: A dance

Unfortunately, we did not get the film in within the allotted time (missed it by mere minutes), but it was still eligible for screening at the festival. It looked nice on the big screen at the Regal Downtown West Theater, and the audience response was very positive.


Director: Carrie Thompson

Story by: Sam Comer, Carrie Thompson, and Randy Thompson

Written by: Sam Comer and Carrie Thompson

Director of Photography, Editor, VFX, Sound Design: Sam Comer

Boom Operator and PA: Laura Miller

Very special thanks to Greg and Kenlyn Stewart for their hospitality in letting us use their beautiful home!