Why “SofaCouch MovieFilms”?

A few years ago, I noticed an odd combination of words used by someone. He ordered a “hamburger sandwich” at a fast food restaurant. I thought that was an odd way of word. Subsequently, I started to notice similar oddities in other people, and I started to take note of and list them. There were quite a lot:

Pasta noodles
Poodle dog
Robin bird
Rifle gun
Health Illness
Blood Vein
Floor rug
Femur bone
Syringe needle
Bee honey
Jeans pants
Ointment cream


After sharing these pleonasms, I received a link to a video from a friend. See, a few years ago, a New York Times blogger wrote about my hometown of Knoxville, claiming it to be “commonly referred to as ‘The Couch’ because it’s so comfortable, you don’t want to leave it.” Hmmm … I have never heard Knoxville called “The Couch,” and I’ve lived here nearly all my life. None of my friends or family have heard it, either. This is the gist of the video. A TV reporter was doing a piece about the article, asking people in the mall if they’d ever heard of Knoxville being called “The Couch.” One of the people who was asked responded with, “You mean like a sofa couch?” I thought, “That’s perfect!” So …. “SofaCouch MovieFilms” was born.

Why the assassinated chicken?

Why not?


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